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80's Theme

Blue Day is able to supply you with all the following items for this fantastic themed event

Step into our Eighties themed party. With Ashes to Ashes storming the ratings and pixie boots making a comeback, the Decade that Style Forgot has never been so hot!

Greeted by our staff in pastel jackets with rolled up sleeves and of course shoulder pads, sip a Bacardi and Coke or a Pernod and Black whilst enjoying the music - Duran Duran, Spandau Ballet, Simple Minds. The room is decorated with Rubiks cubes, giant Trivial Pursuits, posters of eighties films such as the Breakfast Club and arcade games with eighties games like Tron to while away some time.

Grab some props - leg warmers, mascara for men, Casio keyboards - and sit at your themed table. Will you be sitting at the Madonna table? Adam and the Ants? Or will you be with Spitting Image, Miami Vice or Sapphire and Steel?!!

After dinner enjoy a short breakdancing show and remember electro pop before taking the floor for a mix of eighties and contemporary dancing - round handbags of course!